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Frequently Asked Questions

A few common questions about our subdomain service.

Q: What is a subdomain?

A: A subdomain is a custom server address you can use to connect to your Minecraft server. For example, if you presently use "", with our service, you could connect with ""

Q: Will I still have to use a port number with my subdomain?

A: No. We use SRV records, which will allow you to connect in the Minecraft game client without entering a port number.

Q: What versions of Minecraft are supported?

Minecraft clients v1.3 and higher will be able to connect to subdomains created by our service.

Q: Can I change the server address behind a created subdomain?

A: Yes. To change an existing subdomain, simply go to the "Create" page, and fill out the required information, using the same email address you used when originally creating the subdomain. This will update the information for the existing subdomain.

Q: Can I delete a subdomain I create?

A: Yes. Upon activating your subdomain, we'll email you a link you can use to delete your subdomain.

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